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Levy Sarah

HMETA Platform is designed for the advent of the metaverse and provides space to effectively manage the most fundamental elements in the metaverse, including NFT, and assets generated in the metaverse and gaming. We also provide a space for demonstrating and maximizing the value potentials of the booming fragmented NFTs and all other kinds of niche assets in a cost-efficient way under our platform and specifically designed governance for the metaverse.

Harrison Liu


Lin Xu


All members of the HMETA team have received post-graduate degrees, and we are from Yale, Cornell, Boston University, and the University of British Columbia. The education not only exhibits our pursuit for excellence but also provides the HMETA with an extensive network that could make a business succeed.

Jia Wang


We also have the top engineers from Amazon, Facebook, and GE; they are not only maters in the traditional technology industry but also experts in the blockchain. The entire team bridges gaps and the silos between reality and metaverse by creating a  MetAsset Drive(MAD). 

Jamie Lin

Accounting Manager

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