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To build a MetAsset Engine, blockchain technology alone is not sufficient. At HMETA we build our own architectural and resource allocation algorithm to cover all types of functionalities of asset management.


With the platform, the users and developers interact with the APIs infrastructure, and the life cycle of each transaction is automatically managed by the platform.


The services will be built on top of the platform, which is similar to the AWS, and it is designed to be scalable, reliable, transparent, consistent, and simple.

Since 99% of assets in Metaverse have no value at the beginning, we manage them with internal NFTs for free. When an asset has value later on, the Metaverse user can switch it to public NFTs to trade on NFT marketplace such as Opensea. 

Technically speaking, it consists of,

  • JavaScript APIs for client side

  • Helper Chain stateless APIs for authentication, authorization, and validation

  • IPFS storage with privacy and encryption

  • Smart contracts of public chains


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